Rotterdam based artists duo NEWĀRK stands for languid alternative hip hop music. Singer Wessel Slager with his melodic rhymes and talent for multiple instruments has got his own way of telling heavy stories with an easy touch. Cinematic harmonies combined with a jazzy touch is making their songs authentic in their own way. Supported by producer Zep Barnasconi and his talent for beats and sounds they found a way to turn songs into masterpieces. They have been best friends since middle school so they know each other like nobody else, what makes the sound of their music.


Live they perform with a full band, They’ve already done over more than 100 festivals in the Netherlands. The duo loves to perform their songs live with their instruments and turn up with the crowd in front of the stage. The purity of their live performance is what makes them special on stage. They also created the Newkār Sessions. These sessions are online series for YouTube & Instagram where they invite artists into their car where they make music together.