NEWĀRK is driven by WES & ZEP. They are best homies since day 1 at high school.

During the past years they developed their personal creative mind & soul as a creative Artist.

Now they come together in the studio as best friends & professionals so the workflow is amazing.

WES as a songwriter and ZEP as a producer is a heavy combination but they support each other to work & improve on all sides which inspires them to new ideas.


NEWĀRK performed over more than 100 festivals in the Netherlands based on their live energy.

They have developed a new pure sound and are ready to release music.

They write, produce & mix all their songs by themselves on an international level.

They have written plenty songs and choose the best songs to be released.

Also they’ve created the NEWKR sessions.

This sessions are online series for YouTube & Instagram where they invite artists into their car where they make music together.



Meet the band 

Wessel Slager


Marcel Boshuizen

Zep Barnasconi


Marcel Boshuizen

Kaydee Semedo Moreira


Marcel Boshuizen

Gijs van Oosterhout


Marcel Boshuizen

Bram 't Hart