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Sounds like Funkanizers but with more soul, more hip hop, even more, funk, celebration and party. That's right because Newärk derives from Funkanizers. But if all of a sudden the keyboard player turns out to have amazing vocals, an old classmate brings that exact vibe, which is the singer, where you as a band are looking for and the name no longer covers the cargo ... Then you have something ... NEWĀRK it is!

Newärk stands for 6 new generation musicians who each are virtuous on their instrument. Well, virtuosity doesn't always mean that it guarantees a grooving, swirling, steaming show. But all the band members have known each other for so long, that the sum of the pieces is an explosion of good energy. Newärk goes beyond playing musical agreements. Its a way of life. Music to the bone. Intense, amaze and take off guard. Every single time, surprise each other and everyone else.

That they finished their new EP in New York, and that they shot their new video clip there, represents that. The ambition of Newārk is greater than in the Netherlands. Of course, this is the place where it all began but Newärk is unstoppable in this setup. They felt this when they were in New York and could experience this with the shows that they do here.

Maybe the new name takes some time to get used to getting, but seeing is believing, listening is feeling, and being there is witnessing...

Meet the band 

Kaydee Semedo Moreira


Marcel Boshuizen

Zep Barnasconi


Wessel Slager


Marcel Boshuizen
Marcel Boshuizen

Gijs van Oosterhout


Bram 't Hart


Marcel Boshuizen